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Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Club Fitting

Most folks are somewhat educated these days as to the benefits of proper club fitting. That wasn’t the case 20 years ago. There was a lot of explaining involved. Simply put, a fitted club will help to reduce or tighten your dispersion pattern on a mis-hit shot. Lord knows we have plenty of those! Truth is 95% of our shots fall short of the desired outcome. There in lies the essence of the game, managing the mis-hits. Another truth is that most golfers play clubs that hinder those efforts instead of assisting in managing your way around a golf course. Schedule a club fitting, be informed. Click on the appointment button below.

Putter Fitting

This is an area where most folks are NOT to informed. The overall specifications and design of a putter will influence the aim of the putter. And that’s for starters! What if I told you that there is an element to putting that trumps both line and speed. Hmm?? This is some seriously fun and informative stuff! I will use both launch monitor, laser aligning, and high speed cameras to dial in the best putter with the best specs for you. Schedule an appointment online today!




Trade-Ins: I will be offering trade-ins against a purchase of a new set. Be advised that the trade-in value on your old club(s) will be established through a company called “Golfstix”. Click on the link to see what the trade-in value of your club(s) by going to




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