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Wednesday, July 17, 2024


What you need to know


Your First Appointment

To set your first appointment either call, text, or email me at (503) 413-0419 or Please keep in mind initial lessons tend to run a little long. If you are a beginner please wear tennis shoes and bring just a 9 iron. If you don't have any clubs, we can supply you with some during your lesson and also when you practice in between lessons.

Your First Lesson

Whether you are experienced or a beginner I will want to know:

1) What your goals are.

2) How much time will you dedicate to practice.

3) If you have any physical limitations.

4) How active you are, prior sports.

5) If experienced, have you taken any prior lessons, if so, what was the primary focus and    keys do you still use.

Anatomy of a Series of Lessons

1) The concept of Impact

2) The 4 fundamentals

3) Putting, chipping, and pitching

4) How to hit of a sand bunker

5) Course management skills

6) Your mental approach

7) Basic rules of golf and etiquette

Know your swing tendencies

I will help you to identify and know your swing tendencies and how to correct them. Understanding your tendencies and how those tendencies may affect solid impact will help you to better quantify every practice session.

Your development

Your success will be relative to the level of discipline and awareness given to each practice session. No matter if you are at the driving range, or around the house, always execute your pre-shot routine and motion keys/drills with mindful attention reaffirming the look and feel of each fundamental and total swing motion.

Yikes! Homework?!

If it's golf, it's called "funwork". To help reinforce each lesson, I send a post lesson video review (you can watch it, send questions and comments, and upload a video of your own back to me) which outlines your tendencies, swing concepts and drills for you to do. Most of these drills can be done safely in and around your home. Do not discount the importance of these drills. Being able to discern (feel) old motions from the new motion we want is the foundation of change.

Now let's go play!

We all have a tendencies to take are practice session out onto the golf course. It's difficult not to, especially when we mishit a shot. It's hard not to be critical of an element in your swing should you not hit a shot the way you intended. Herein lies one of golfs greater disciplines. The key is to consistently reaffirm the cumulative fell of the swing that you want to execute. Every mechanical motion needs to be turned into a feel. While on the golf course, don't be mechanical - feel the complete swing motion you want. See it! Feel it! Trust it!


Knowledge - Understanding - Awareness - Approach - Process - Discipline - Patience


From green back to tee - Planning/Strategy - knowing your Strengths and weaknesses - Routine - Left Brain to Right Brain - Feel - Images - Instincts - Trust - Managing - Resilience - Patience


Having fun is what it's all about! - Friendships - Camaraderie - Peaceful Surroundings - Scenery - Watching a ball soar - Executing - Achieving


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