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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Specialty Club Repair Services at Mt. Si Golf Course

Shaft Spining

Every shaft has what's called a hard side or the spine. When oriented correctly in the 12 o'clock position or perpendicular to the face, the shaft oscillation (down and through impact) can be drastically reduced depending upon how much the spine was out of position. When the shaft has been spined, it will tighten the impact dispersion on the face and tighten the shot dispersion pattern out in the field of play. In my opinion, this process has been one of the greater advancements in the game using only your current components, but improving the play-ability of a golf club.


The Process of Shaft Spine Alignment

Every shaft is not perfectly straight, nor perfectly round, and the wall thicknesses are perfectly uniform. This condition creates what is called a spine or hard side. To find the hard side the shaft is place inside a barrel containing a sealed bearing on either end. Using a third sealed bearing, load is placed on the tip of end of the shaft. While under load the shaft is then slowly turned. The hard side is found when the shaft will not sit in a particular position and wants to turn out of position. Notice the tape on the shaft in the left picture and without touching it, the shaft turned 90 degrees in the right picture. 

 Reshafts – Starting at $25 + Price of Shaft & Grip ($4 to save a current grip*)
 Reset Iron head - $8 per club
 Reset Wood head - $11 per club
 Remove shaft rattle - $10 per club
 Remove rattle in head - $12 per club
 Remove broken shaft in hosel - $10
 Extend shafts - $10 + Grip ($4 to save a current grip*)
 Shorten shaft - $4 + Grip ($4 to save a current grip*)
 Switch shafts & tips - $15 per club
 Shaft Spining: Current shaft - $15, New shaft (in component form) - $7
 Iron/Wood MOI matching - $15 to $20 per club (per case basis)**
(*) No guarantee’s on saving a grip
(**) Some alterations are external, some are internal. Hence the price variance.
All repairs done in-house at Mt. Si Golf Course.
Turn around time depends on availability and shipping ETA on special orders.

If you have any questions:

Contact Kyle: Cell (503) 413-0419 -or-


Note: drop off and pick up your repaired clubs at Mt. Si Golf Course.


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